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Our Story

With a prevalence of pesticides, preservatives and poor daily eating habits, our Founder and Owner, Lilly Semaan, was on a mission to re-invent the fast-food industry. Growing up in Sydney’s West, she was constantly searching for convenient quick meals that didn’t compromise your health. The key was healthy on-the-go meals that left her feeling fuelled and guilt-free. Eat good, feel good.

Lilly is a woman with a strong desire to make a change! Having an affinity for gemstones, she is constantly inspired by the abundance of nature and is attracted to all things natural, colourful and vibrant. Taking her ideas and innovations from her apartment kitchen, farmers market visits and health store education, together with sentimental recipes, she created ‘Sol Bowl’.

Lilly wanted to cater to customers of all ages and dietary requirements, desiring feel-good, good-mood food and offering delicious meals with high-performing ingredients. With a passion for creating and making bowls and smoothies that are undeniably delicious, plant-based, craveable & nutrient-dense, she opened her first Sol Bowl location in the heart of Parramatta.

Sol Bowl = Feel-good, good-mood food!

Quickly becoming a local favourite, Lilly has grown a strong following of passionately loyal customers of all ages. Sol Bowl was more than a casual shop but an extension of the home kitchen.

Renowned for its fresh and high-quality nutritious ingredients, delectable plant-based bowls, superfood smoothies, toast toppers, nicecreams, vegan bliss balls and nourishing beverages, Sol Bowl has reformed health in the fast-food industry. Since launching, the wholesome menu has remained unchanged and still serves the customer-favourite original & innovative in-season bowls.

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